Broad Expertise

LEADLEX lawyers are well-versed in diverse areas of law and business. With specialists from various countries in our network, we are equipped to handle both Estonian and international projects and legal matters.


We recognize the importance and sensitivity of the information our clients share with us. Therefore, customers can be assured that their confidential information will remain solely with the LEADLEX lawyers.

Costs under control

We bill our clients based on individual cases, not only by business hours. This approach enables our clients to understand the cost of a specific service before receiving assistance, allowing them to effectively budget their expenses.

About Leadlex

The Leadlex law firm is characterized by a focus on results, rather than spending hours. The total experience of specialists has more than 20 years of work

Managing Partner & Lawyer

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Legal Practices Area

Corporate and M&A

At Leadlex, we simplify Estonia's commercial law landscape, providing tailored advice and strategic insights, ensuring your business aligns with local and global legal standards.

Contract Law

At Leadlex, we simplify Estonia's labor law landscape, standing by both employers and employees, ensuring all actions are legally solid and confidently taken.

Employment Law

At Leadlex, we make Estonia's labor law easy to navigate, helping either employers or employees one at a time, ensuring all choices are clear, fair, and fit just right for your situation.

Tax law

At Leadlex, we navigate the evolving terrain of tax regulations, offering tailored solutions that prioritize your success, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance.

Regulatory compliance

At Leadlex, we clarify the intricacies of regulatory compliance, crafting strategies that align your business with Estonian and EU standards seamlessly.

Crypto and WEB3

At Leadlex, we demystify crypto, DAO, and web3 legal intricacies, ensuring your endeavors are compliant and optimized, especially regarding crypto licenses.
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Why Clients Choose Us?

Client Consultations
Transparent Pricing Policy
Recovered cost for clients

Words From Clients

  • I had the pleasure of working with Georgi Džaniašvili from LEADLEX on my website legal requirements and document creation, and I must say that his service was exceptional. He took away all the stress from my shoulders and provided me with top-notch assistance throughout the entire process. Georgi’s prompt and efficient communication made it easy and understandable for me to navigate the legal aspects of my websites. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Georgi to anyone in need of a reliable lawyer.

    Victor Fit
    CEO of BESTBODY OÜ, Personal Trainer
  • Thanks to Georgi’s assistance, I was able to successfully return my car to an untrustworthy dealer and retrieve the entire 35,000 euros I had paid, all without any legal proceedings or difficulties. Initially, the dealer was unresponsive and unwilling to communicate, but with Georgi’s involvement, everything fell into place quickly and smoothly. I’m so grateful for Georgi’s help and expertise!

    Grigori Ilkevitš
    exHead of Daily Banking Products and CEO of Emotional Egghead
  • I had the opportunity to work with Georgi Džaniašvili from LEADLEX, and let me tell you, he’s been fantastic! Running my own business, the First Baltic Trading Academy, I often face cryptocurrency law and tax issues that require timely resolution. Whenever I reach out to Georgi, he’s incredibly responsive and provides the information I need without delay. If you’re in need of a dependable lawyer, I highly recommend Georgi.

    Vitali Filimonov
    Ceo of First Baltic Trading Academy

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